roger dubuis replica Releases its G-SHOCK MR-G × Bruce Lee Collaboration Model

 roger dubuis replica

It’s been almost 50 years since Bruce Lee passed away; yet his star has not diminished. To this day, he remains the gold standard against which martial artists and martial arts movie stars are measured, the ultimate warrior-thinker who had the knack for smashing preconceptions wherever he went and did. As far as Bruce Lee was concerned, he was just perfecting himself in a life journey of self-discovery; but this most private undertaking executed with laser-focus would leave such tall waves in the public sphere that Bruce Lee is forever posited in the pantheon of cultural icons. For a gist of who he was, we have collated some of Lee’s quotes at the bottom of the page.

To wear a token of the Bruce Lee spirit though, roger dubuis replica is marking the 80th year since Bruce Lee’s birth a special edition model from its overachiever MR-G line. Two images of Bruce Lee immediately come to mind when thinking about the man: bare-bodied with claw streaks across chest and cheeks in Enter the Dragon, and the other in the infamous yellow jumpsuit that he wore in the last film that he never finished, The Game of Death.

Bruce Lee in The Game of Death

roger dubuis replica ’s Bruce Lee tribute is plainly inspired by the latter, from the black titanium case with yellow strap and hour markers, as well as a re-creation of Bruce Lee’s signature based on the traditional Chinese character for dragon (“龍”), his nickname. On the bezel, and on the back, the MRG-G2000BL is inscribed with “Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation” in Chinese characters. This is the motto of Jeet Kune Do (its logo is also engraved on the caseback), a free-form rendition of Chinese Kungfu that Bruce Lee developed, which is arguably the precursor for today’s mixed martial arts that eschew form and pattern for sheer combat capability.

roger dubuis replica seems to have taken JKD’s motto to heart: the MRG-G2000BL practically bristles with capability: GPS, radio and Bluetooth receptors keep the watch talking to satellites, radio time signal stations and your smartphone to keep the watch on time anywhere in the world, while its solar cell on full charge will keep the watch powered for 23 months in total darkness. Add to the that the lightweight and comfortable titanium case, and it’s a G-SHOCK one can wear through hell. (Vacheron Constantin Replica )In a limited edition of 300 pieces.

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